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The first compilation on the Lowriders Recordings label is coming and I don’t want to be the one sticking feathers up my colleagues arses but what a fine compilation it is! Featuring a lot of up-and-coming artists such as FilosofischeStilte (only 18 years old, representing the 8bit sound of The Hague), Crewdson from London, Deadstokdonut (another young talent from the 070-area) but also some more renowned artists like for example HALP has certainly turned out to be, Taprikk Sweezee, known for his soulful vocals, AK Kids and the ever-ruling Montgomery Clunk. This record has not become a quick selection of unused songs but rather a very strong overview of what this label is capable of. From scary horror-sound infested witch-house to carefully arranged soundlayer madness, from westcoast 8bit to Berlin soul, even some post-fidget glitch-house if I’m correct in spotting a new genre, it is all here. Order while hot!

The compiler is mastered Miguel Gil Tertre (Strand)
Artwork by Gees Voorhees

Artists you’ll find on this compiler are: Wokr (USA), Xavier McDaniel (USA), FilosofischeStilte (Netherlands), Taprikk Sweezee (Germany), Deadstokdonut (Netherlands), Halp (Netherlands), Not Fear (Sweden), Crewdson (UK), Dagger DX (Netherlands), Slamagotchi (Australia), Montgomery Clunk (Romania), Strand (Spain), AK Kids (Scotland), P-Fang (USA) , DZA (Russia) vs Montgomery Clunk (Romania).

Fulgeance: I like most of the tracks, but my love stay with Dagger DX “Number One Suspect”, fuckin correct groove; & WokR “Pure Sex”, sensitive mood. Congrats!
DEV79: glimm is a dope track…its got a nice vibe and movement. will def play this!
KaptinisDead (Chrome Kids): Beatitude album is sick fellas! Definitely be giving some of these a spin.
Robot Koch: feeling the Taprikk Sweezee tune, gotta listen more, but good stuff there on first listen
Sonic Router: this is amazing!
Cardopusher: this compilation definitely made my weekend!!! on repeat since i downloaded it! the Deadstokdonut “Television Spleen” is huge!!! also feeling a lot the Not Fear vs Wuzz “Innerspender”. everytime i listen to it i have a new favourite from it lol!
Monolithium Will defo be rinsing Monty’s “Felix” – shit is HYPE!
Mötem: I am very impressed with the differentness of this, in a time when so many artists are kind of going more “normal” i find these beats truly weird and it pleases me to hear that you guys are still into putting out the odd shit. One incredibly hot slow bubbly tune is Television Spleen by Deadstokdonut….the following tune The Gluediators by DZA vs Montgomery Clunk, definitely a big fan of that shine, an almost rustie type shine….that halp track, daymmmnnn, and The other Montgomery Clunk tune HOLY FUCK, that is some serious killah… NO ONE IS DOCUMENTING THIS CHIT.  this is a specific thing that needs to be documented…..
I really am feeling the diversity you put into this comp…..
Getting played by
Finest Ego, Project Mooncircle, Laid Back Radio
interview: Sonic Router


1) DZA vs Montgomery Clunk   The Gluediators
A collab between Russian DZA and Rumanian Montgomery Clunk is heavy on the power beat. Nicely built to a perfect climax!
2) Dagger DX Number One Suspect
This is a detective-story’s soundtrack, sweeping noises over a soulful hiphop-track that sometimes goes a bit off the straight path. Colombo in his more psychedelic days. Dagger DX is a young producer from Rotterdam!
3) Deadstokdonut  Television Spleen
With Television Spleen he takes his first careful steps onto the world’s stage, a very impressive slow build-up to a minimalistic glitch-scape of sorts from this talented Deadstokdonut from the Hague.
4) P-fang  Fog Juice
‘s Fog Juice, an eerie piece, from the start sets out to haunt you, the electro-basses unsettling, the horror synths remniscent of early italo records, it sets the mood quite nicely.
5) wokr   Pure Sex
70’s soft-porn mantra of the year! wokr‘s Pure Sex gives you just that, from insecure foreplay to throbbing pre-penetration hardness to a sindering orgasm.
6) AK Kids   Red Balloon
The AK Kids take on a small percentage of the Nena hitsingle is nothing short of ecstatic voice-snippets, female moaning and distorted bass-bliss.
7) Strand   Caetano
For Strand’s Caetano we move to an after-summer beach in Spain where this gentle italo-inspired robotic song is a perfect tune for the last days of summer.
Strand takes us to the next level of binary blowouts, this 8bit wonder starts very insecure, notes wandering about the place, and develops into a very intense and seemingly warped song, leaving us with the impression the poppies must have been ripe in this field.
8 ) Halp Field
Field takes us to the next level of binary blowouts, this 8bit wonder starts very insecure, notes wandering about the place, and develops into a very intense and seemingly warped song, leaving us with the impression the poppies must have been ripe in this field. This track by Halp will be part of his upcoming release for our label.
9) Montgomery Clunk    Felix
A helix spiralling out of control, constantly seeming to overspill on the track itself. Feels like a Slugabed track on LSD going trough a grinder.
10) Crewdson   Mini Giblet
The future of broken beat fidgety glitchhouse,  London-based producer Crewdson makes it a bit more eclectic, if at all possible, with Giblet. The song is 4:37 long on the outside, but the ride it takes you on seems to last for hours.
11) Taprikk Sweeze   Glimm
Downtempo soul-funk track with Taprikk Sweezee‘s amazing vocals, a sweet-as-honey neo-soul glitch track to lick your fingers by, or sweeten your tea with. Either way, a lovely recording once again.
12) Not fear vs Wuzz  Innerspender A delicate little witch-glitch lo-fi intermezzo is provided by Not Fear vs Wuzz, a collaboration that makes us cry out for more!
13) Slamagotchi   $tar Power
We are back in Nintendo land, Slamagochi‘s hitting continues one-ups in the down-tempo $tar Power that surprises with some vocal outbursts.
14) FilosofischeStilte  Hairdoo  What a lot of young talent from the Hague on this compilation! Young FilosofischeStilte impresses with this 8bitbutt-rocker with it’s frantic patterns and slow slow electro-beat.
15) Xavier Mcdaniel   Some Vanilla Bullshit
Probably the most psychotic and definitely the longest piece on this compilation, Xavier takes us through distorted landscapes where females are forced to groan incomprehensibly over extremely slow synths. As these ladies grind to a stuttering halt the composition gets even more askew and terrifying, the picture Xavier Mcdaniel is painting for us is not a pretty one but oh so addictive.



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