LOW012 ALEPH – Fourteen Dreams Per Night

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We’re proud to give you the preview of our upcoming release with Russian youngster Aleph.
Seven original tracks are in the box.

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Aleph, Russian youngster, Ivan Erofeev, who has travelled form Siberia via Omsk to St. Petersburg delivers a fab EP moving between styles. It’s a bit house, some boogie flares, it’s crooked as a hoop but for most fresh. He perfectly blends in with the Russian invasion with Pixelord, Mujuice as well as the contemporary beats & bass generation.
People writing about his music use phrases like ‘Aleph makes unusual, ornately detailed, dense and chaotic, yet highly organized beats‘ and ‘Adroit and complex, his music is imbued with a restless rhythmic spirit and melancholic soul, evidenced in the skittering junglist patterns and noir-ish cosmic synth arrangement, or the pressure-split HipHop beats
It’s music in between styles like so many of the Lowriders Recordings releases. It’s soul influenced electronics soaked in skewed rhythm pattern from a parallel universe.
Aleph’s new release on Lowriders Recordings is called Fourteen Dreams Per Night and refers to a working title of one of the tracks. The EP reads like a full circle in a sleep hypnogram with stages of REM and brief awakenings but all in another state of mind.
Somewhere between IDM, house, electronics and 8bit.

Artwork by Flying Colours
Mastered by Strand

Robot Koch: i like it. twenty five is great, fontaka 48 too. oh so is my fave is guess. big ups
Rene Passet: Alles staat scheef in Alephs huis en dat vinden we wel zo prettig jaja. Dikke release (zowel in kwantiteit als kwaliteit). Grappig ook, die Loving You-sample.
DJ Irk: a bit downtempo for me in general but It’s Easy Cos U is a dope refix, nice one.
Chrissy Murderbot: Favourite Track: Twenty Five  BIG!
FilosofischeStilte: this is sick!
Boss Kite: Fresh! Nice variety of styles on here.
dj Crim: WOW guyz this is something special!!!!<333
Pixelord: nice nice, deep and diverse
SWEATSON KLANK aka TAKE: Sounds really interesting
Fulgeance: Good stuff here, Saint Killer is my fav 4 sure !
Ra Malone: Cosmic beats!
Mwëslee: Nice one, very diverse and deep joints … cheers!
Akira Kiteshi: Fantastic tracks! Full support from me.
Rag & Bone: Qirky stuff, some nice cuts particularly Saint Killer, interesting beats and bass
Jinna Morocha (ProjectMoonCircle): great, thanks!
Kdkanevil: dope!!!
RadioScotvoid: lovin you!!!
oneone: Yeah, finally a new Lowriders release, and i absolutely like it!
Alphabetsheaven: Saint Killer is like if an automobile assembly line went pixar style crazy and had a party and all the all the robot arms started doing soul train style dancing
EVS: Heftige release :) Fontaka46 is mn favo; Siantlkiller en Submortem ook erg vet
DJ+: Space-niceness!
Wokr: Really feeling It’s easy Coz U
+verb: fontaka46 is the one. so many pictures painted with the atmosphere. love it.
Kidkameleon: In fine style guys. Truly Solid.
Subp Yao: crazy sounddesign! Yesterday Noise my fav by now!!
Julien Mier: The percission is genius on Saint Killer

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