ALEPH Haunt For Little Blind Fish

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The people of the Canadian label King Deluxe are treating us on the new Aleph, a 18 year old producer from Siberia (Pixelord‘s home turf too!). Named after the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet or the bicycle brand from Belgium?
It’s an amazing first one that goes into  all kinda new territories. He builds every track in a totally new way with strange interludes, silences, jumps in the mindset, beat composition. All is so very different so provocative.
Opener Under a Layer of Ice is this heavy on the inciting synths with organ, choir-ish sounding, touches. The beat has this rave-ish push going strong. Impressive stuff. Next one so Some Opium in the Wild Tropics with is going wild on everything that it is impossible to define what this is. Is it a genius at work or just some dis-functional kid with to much drugs in his body going wild with samplers? I would say a genius…
Astyanax Mexicanus is this amazing cathedral organ bombastic feel that’s created over this nervous beat. Mind blowing trip it is. Closing track Sulfozinum has this same kinda treat a symphonietta pur sang with this chopped hectic beats that merge with hip hop.
There is e free 192 kbpm version available here for a short period of time so be quick.

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