Artist: FILOSOFISCHESTILTE Title: Munch Palace Vol.1 CAT: LOW018 Releasedate digital: February 16th 2015 Format: Limited vinyl (incl sticker and Poster) + Digital written & produced by Luuk Graham Artwork: Gees Voorhees […]

FILOSOFISCHESTILTE – Munch Palace preview

FILOSOFISCHESTILTE – Munch Palace preview

Artist: FilosofischeStilte Title: Munch Palace Vol.1 CAT: LOW018 Releasedate: February 16th 2014 Format: Digital/Vinyl Finally the new FilosofischeStilte on Lowriders. 3 original tracks combined with 2 amazing remixes. Get ready […]

LOWf002: OBY NINE – Crosstown


Artist: OBY NINE Title: Crosstown CAT: LOWf002 Releasedate digital: December 1st 2014 Format: Digital written & produced by Jasper Spobeck Crosstown is Oby Nine’s gift to Rotterdam and the rest of […]

LOW017: KYPSKI – Wreck Fader


Artist: Kypski Title: Wreck Fader CAT: LOW017 Releasedate digital: October 17th 2014 Releasedate vinyl: January 12th 2015 Format: Digital / Vinyl written & produced by Thomas Elbers   This is Lowriders […]

LOWf001: ARD BIT – Ellioth


Artist: Ard Bit Title: Ellioth CAT: LOWf001 Releasedate: September 29th 2014 Format: Digital Artwork: NOTDEF Mastered by: Roel Funcken written & produced by Ard Janssen […]

LOW016: KNOW V.A. promo

LOW016: KNOW V.A. – O Horizon EP


Artist: KNOW V.A. Title: Horizon EP CAT: LOW016 Releasedate: April 8th 2014 Format: Vinyl & Digital Artwork: KARIMOO The diversity of the beats and bass […]

LOW015R: ARTS THE BEATDOCTOR – Lazy Thunder Remixes


Artist: Arts the Beatdoctor Title: Lazy Thunder Remixes CAT: LOW015R Releasedate: February 24th 2014 Format: Digital (Name your Price) Mastered: Shawn Hatfield of Audible Oddities […]



Straight up beats!



YES Finally, a new mix by Beatno, but this time a rare disco journey with only oldies. Funky soulful grooves and live recordings. Put on […]



Artist: Arts The Beatdoctor Title: Lazy Thunder EP Cat: LOW015 Mastered: Shawn Hatfield of Audible Oddities Artwork: Nick Liefhebber This new record by dutch producer […]

LOW014: JULIEN MIER – Jane’s Junkyard


Julien Mier – Jane’s Junkyard 12 inch full colour Sleeve File under: electronics • Mastered by Shawn Hatfield of Audible Oddities • Artwork by Rein […]



Fresh mixtape by Beatno!

FilosofischeStilte – Even My Mobilephone Is Gold

FilosofischeStilte – Even My Mobilephone Is Gold

created by

CONRANK Lowriders mixtape 016

lowriders mixtape 016

DOWNLOAD Conrank, based in Shanghai, is one of Asia’s leading bass music producers and has a reputation for hard hitting productions. Over the last year […]



Luuk Graham, The Hague native drops his second release with Lowriders Recordings. After his recent remixes, a beattape and some digi releases finally the Poly […]

ALEPH release reviewed in The Wire

COCO BRYCE – Hipster Tape

Coco Bryce - Hipster Tape

Make sure to rock a moustache and a beanie while listening to this tape on yer track bike. 1. KUHN – BOOMBOX 2. DEECH – […]

ALEPH – Saint Killer (edit)

BEATNO thenewworcks473 mix


BEATNO mixed a new fresh mixtape for Thenewworcks to end your summer, enjoy!

HYBRID promomix by Ruwedata


Ruwedata – Hybrid 10th edition Promomix by Hybrid Kids on Mixcloud Special promo mix for Hybrid 10th Edition [Headliner TBA], Dyzz & Rebus, Ruwedata & […]



Fresh funky beats mix, contains tracks from Onra, Suff Daddy, Modeselector, J Rocc, Schoolboy Q and many others. Enjoy and let me know if you like it!

DOSHY (feat Stagga) – Hornets video

Doshy - Lowriders recordings VID

Doshy (feat Stagga) – Hornets (Electrophilic EP teaser) from Lowriders on Vimeo. Doshy – Hornets (Electrophilic EP teaser)

LOW010: DOSHY – Electrophilic EP


Lowriders Recordings unleash yet another beast of an album with the “Electrophilic EP”, a heavyweight production from the Berlin beat maestro known as Doshy. Doshy […]

LOW impressions by Meng Li

LOWFEST, day 2 @ Worm

LOW impressions by Meng Li

LOW impressions by Dani Hefter


LOW impressions by Dani Hefter

LOW impressions by MMMriek


LOW impression by Marieke

LOW mixtape 05: Coco Bryce & Motëm

LOW Coco bryce Motëm

5th promomix for the LOW Festival by Coco Bryce & Motëm! No tracklist   DOWNLOAD Tickets Early bird tickets: € 17,50 for 2 days Friday June […]

LOW mixtape 04: Beatnologic


We start a mixtape serie of artists who will play at LOW festival (June 1st and 2nd, Worm – Rotterdam).

LOW mixtape 03: Ruwedata


We start a mixtape serie of artists who will play at LOW festival (June 1st and 2nd, Worm – Rotterdam). Ruwedata provides the third promomixtape […]

LOW mixtape 02: Offhand

Basic CMYK

Offhand provides the second promomix for the LOW Festival. A little teaser and warm up of things to come. The mix passes through house, techno […]

LOW mixtape 01: Roel Funcken

LOW - Roel Funcken

We start a mixtape serie of artists who will play at LOW festival (June 1st and 2nd, Worm – Rotterdam). First mixtape comes from Roel […]

LOW009: ARD BIT – Yelleen EP


Our next release will be with dutch producer ARD BIT on cassette and digital. Lowriders is proud to present this new release Yelleen by Ard […]

LOW011 STRAND – Slam Funk


Our man Strand is something special for us. Before we met I already had his releases on City Centre Offices in my collection and we […]

RUWEDATA – Power Shuffles 01 promo mix

Ruwedata Power Shuffles mix

To celebrate the release of Power Shuffles 01, label boss Ruwedata treats us on a new mixtape full of great new forthcoming tracks and his […]

LOW008: Power Shuffles, the making of

OFFHAND Blender 01


  A new house mix I made in one go. There’s some old house and electro bits in it, some classic UK funky and of […]

Filosofische Stilte – Hairdoo VIP (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)


Our man drvg cvltvre (formally known as a Prince of a bass Generation) treats us on a surprise: a remix of FilosofischeStilte‘s Hairdoo VIP track […]

LOW008: V/A Power Shuffles


Lowriders Recordings 008 V/A – Power Shuffles via Clone Lowriders remains true to form, keeping it skewed, crooked, and freaky as hell, in this latest […]

JULIEN MIER Lowriders mixtape 015

Julien Mier - Lowriders mixtape 015

Julien Mier – I Am Who I Am (Unheard & Unreleased Mixtape) – Lowriders mixtape 015 Julien Mier is a promising and emerging talent from […]

FilosofischeStilte – promo video

LOW006: HALP Tic Tac Toe EP


Lowriders Recordings is proud to present HALP‘s Tic Tac Toe EP. Our crew-member HALP pushes himself to new heights after his Leek succes with his […]

LOW007: FilosofischeStilte – Golden Tooth


Golden Tooth EP sprouting from the brain of the talented producer from The Hague, The Netherlands called Luuk Graham aka FilosofischeStilte talented producer from The […]



A fresh mix to start the new year! Recorded almost two weeks ago but I’m in Canada playing in the snow and it’s new years […]

LOW006: HALP Tic Tac Toe EP promo mix

halp promo 1024 685

Our new release LOW006 will be with Halp. It’s an amazing compendium of 30 years of electronic music reaching from bubbly electro-funk to glitchy funky […]

LOW005 Beatitude


Artist: VARIOUS Title: BEATITUDE Cat : LOW005 Buy it at: Bandcamp, Juno Beatitude by Lowriders Recordings The first compilation on the Lowriders Recordings label is […]



New feel good mixtape mixed by Beatnologic

AK KIDS Chocolate Curry Mixtape


Our friends AK Kids drop a nice mixtape to cheer the new Lowriders release  The gassAKu EP. download here tracklist: 1. Tropics – Give it […]

LOW004 AK-KIDS The gassAKu EP


Artist: AK KIDS Title: THE GASSAKU EP Cat : LOW004 style: Hip Hop / Dubstep / Beats Distribution: Rubadub Buy it at: Bandcamp, Rushhour, Juno, […]

LOWRIDERS Recordings package deal


For those who wanna buy Lowriders Recordings releases we offer a limited special deal. You get LOW001 (Ghost Mutt) + LOW002 (Coco Bryce) + LOW003 […]

PACHEKO Lowriders Mixtape 013


Our thirteenth mix is by the hands of Pacheko. A fresh producer from Venezuela who already has a few releases under his belt.  Together with […]



Artist: HOVATRON Title: HOVATRON EP Cat : LOW004 style: Hip Hop / Skweee / Purple / Beats Distribution: Rubadub Buy it at: Bandcamp, Rushhour, Juno, […]

Lowriders Podcast


We have tons of mixes, new downloads everyday, reviews, tweets and posts but no Podcast. Today we present our podcast available from our site or […]

OFFSHORE Lowriders Mixtape 012


We at the Lowriders camp love diversity in music. So we’re proud to announce yet another mixtape which musically goes into many different directions. This […]

DEMOKRACY Lowriders Mixtape 011


Here’s a mix by 2 Russian dudes who make music. That’s not a lot of information but it’s how they would prefer to be announced. […]

8BITCH Lowriders Mixtape 010


It’s time for the tenth installment of our mixtapes series. This one is provided by the Slovenian (now London based) producer 8Bitch. Last year she […]

COCO BRYCE Lowriders Mixtape 009


Our man Coco Bryce is about to release his first solo 12 inch Dis Cam Belie with our label Lowriders Recordings. To celebrate this he […]

LOW002: COCO BRYCE Dis Cam Belie


Artist: COCO BRYCE Title: DIS CAM BELIE Cat : LOW002 Release date: December 9th 2010 style: Hip Hop / Skweee / Purple / Beats Distribution: […]

BEATNLOGIC The New Worck 354

BEATNOLOGIC New Worcks 354 Mix

A special mix for The New Worck! Beatnologic of the Lowriders collective and the Ghettoblaster Soundsystem with a dubsteppy, funky future beats mix! ‘New Worcks […]

PIECE OF SHH Lowriders Mixtape 008


Our latest mixtape comes from Piece Of Shh…, a producer from the blossoming Eastern-European scene. Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia he’s been affiliated to the great […]

GHOST MUTT Lowriders Mixtape 007


You might have noticed that we, Lowriders, just released our first record with Brighton pride Ghost Mutt. We know each othe from our close friends […]

LOW001 Ghost Mutt


LOWRIDERS RECORDINGS LOW001 Artist: GHOST MUTT Title: SASQUATCH E.P. Cat : LOW001 File under: Dubstep, Hip Hop, Abstact Beats, Purple Mastered: RFUNCK DATE: September 27th […]



download here

DOSHY Lowriders Mixtape 006


The sixth installment of our mixtape series comes from Doshy, a producer whose music is perfect for stilling our hunger for extra-terrestrial future beats. He […]



TRIGGA vs LOWRIDERS @ 013.4 from Co2RO on Vimeo.

VIDEO’s Lowriders/Dropp @ Watt 22.05.2010

Photo’s Lowriders/Dropp @ Watt 22.05.2010

BEATNOLOGIC Funky 35 Minutes

A fresh funky housy dance mix by Beatnologic. it’s contains tracks from Peel, Mr Scruff, Coco Bryce, Onra, George Clinton, Dam Funk, James Pants, London […]

SDUK Lowriders Mixtape 005

The bass music scene right now might just be at it’s most interesting point it has ever been. Everything seems allowed and the lines between […]

Photo’s Donky Pitch VS Lowriders

BEATNOLOGIC 18 Minutes Mix


It’s on my desktop for weeks now so why not post it! The mix contains tracks from American Men, Debruit, Ghislian Porier, Hudson Mohawke, Mike […]

Lowriders 26.03.2010

GHOST MUTT Donky Pitch vs Lowriders mixtape

You might know that Lowriders will be this thursday in Brighton to party with our friends at Donky Pitch. Ghost Mutt, yeah the dude that […]

+VERB Lowriders Mixtape 004

As he so adequately describes himself, +verb brings lasers n bass n bounce to the table. His combination of dubstep, glitch, hip-hop, electronica and breaks […]

LOWRIDERS 26-03 short movie


VIDEO Bazar Curieux 2009

VIDEO Bazar Curieux 2009

We’ve made a short video of the Lowriders basement of the Bazar Curieux festival 2009. Lowriders (05-12-2009) @ Bazar Curieux from Maurits van Altena on […]

LOWRIDERS in NL010 (Rotterdam magazine)

HOVATRON Lowriders Mixtape 003

Think Canada, lasers, fluorescent colors, synth funk, science fiction, explosions and you’ve roughly got an idea of what to expect. The third installment of our […]

1000NAMES Lowriders Mixtape 002

Nr. 002 is here! This one is done by two artists we’ve invited to one of our events last year. We’ve been fans of 1000names […]

COCO BRYCE Lowriders Mixtape 001

The first in our series of mixtapes is here! This one is done by our friend and fellow Lowrider Coco Bryce. Formerly more active in […]

Lowriders 12 pics


Pics of Lowriders 12 after the

Ruwedata – Southside mix vol.02

The second part of my dj mix ‘Southside’. No digital editting…just a live dj mix. Enjoy! Download Tracklist: Benga -2 one million Marchmellow – It’s […]

28 11 LOWRIDERS @ Watt

28-11-09 LOWRIDERS @ WATT, Rotterdam NOAH D (US), BEATNOLOGIC, RUWEDATA, COCO BRYCE, CO2RO dubstep/ abstract hiphop / baltimore / electro Via het het Rotterdamse POP […]

Photo’s Lowriders 11

13.06 LOWRIDERS 11 @ Worm Photo’s here

Photo’s Dropp 01

13.06 LOWRIDERS 11 @ Worm

Photo’s Lowriders 10

23.05 DROPP feat 1000names and Debruit

DROPP presents: Debruit & 1000 Names May 23rd (22:00-04:00) Zaal de Unie – Mauritsweg 35- Rotterdam DROPP is the new party for music lovers. At […]

25.04 LOWRIDERS 10 @ Worm

Photo’s Lowriders 9

Photo’s Lowriders 8

Photo’s Lowriders 7

STARKEY’s set Lowriders 7 @ WORM

Photo by: Marieke Broer Starkey’s set of his show at Lowriders 7 last January is now available!


17-01 Lowriders 7 @ WORM

Lowriders invites Conflict! feat: Starkey; Kanji Kinetic; Akkachar; Ruwedata; Brutuzz; Beatnologic; Vahid; Co2ro; Ankforce 1 Het jaar 2009 kun je op verschillende manieren in gaan. […]

Photo’s Lowriders @ Bazar Curieux

A Wild night thanks to Gomes, Festa, Lowriders crew, Bazar Curieux Production and the wicked crowd!

Lowriders 6 party review @ NL010

A party review from Lowriders 6 from a local citymagazine:

6.12 Lowriders @ Bazar Curieux

06-12-2008 Lowriders is komende zaterdag, 6 december, bij Bazar Curieux aanwezig om de basement te voorzien een energiek feestje! Bazar Curieux heeft een interessante line-up […]

Photo’s from Lowriders #6

Lowriders #6 was the bomb thanks to everybody who support us! Check out the photo’s

Lowriders 6

zaterdag 15 november 2008 Bass Clef (Blank Tapes | UK) | 6BLOCC (Lo Dubs | USA) |BEANS (WARP | USA) | DMDN (Trigga | NL) […]

BEATNOLOGIC Whut! pt. 5 Mix

Beatnologic Whut! pt. 5 Mix

A new Whut! mixtape mixed by Beatnologic, download here (save as..) Hit the read more to see the full tracklist.

Lowriders 5

Zat. 6 september 2008 Jahcoozi (a Sound, DE) | Herrmutt Lobby (Confined, Eat Concrete, BE) | Charly & Gallus (Antilounge, NL) | Pete Concrete (Eat […]

Lowriders 4

Zat. 31 mei 2008 Starkey (Trouble & Bass | Starksound | Lodubs, USA) | Sick Girls (Tigerbeat6, DE) | Benjamin Freling (200.000 turntables | ponyclub, […]




Lowriders 3

Zat. 15 maart 2008 Anstam (Anstam, D) | Cane (Marguerita Recordings | Colony | WARP, NL) | Sweat X (Citinite, SA)| Red Eliphant | Nicon […]

BEATNOLOGIC Whut! mix vol 3

Tracks from Prefuse 73, Flying Lotus, Deadelus, A-track, DJ Blaqstarr, Diplo, Le Tigre, Bonde Do Role, Edu K, Jahcoozi, MIA and many others!

Lowriders 2

Vr. 19 oktober 2007 Ghislain Poirier (Chocalat Industries, CA) | Sixtoo (Ninja Tune, CA) | Mattaklap (Plattegrond) | Beatnologic (Lowriders) | Ruwedata (Lowriders, Dstruct) | […]

Lowriders 1

SHACKLETON (Skull Disco, UK) | OORVUIG (Nocturnal State) | Purita D (Electro Empire) | C.O.N.E (Nonine Crew) | Bojcot Selectah (Randstad Rollers) | Ruwedata (Dstruct, […]

BEATNOLOGIC – whut! mix vol 2


Contains tracks from Spank Rock, Bonde Do Role, M.I.A., CSS, Cut Chemist, Diplo, Simian Mobile Disco, Ghislain Poirier, Lady Sovereign, Roots Manuva, Vadim, Ozomatli, Zero DB, Gangstarr, Quannum, KRS One and many others!



Tracks from TTC, Camp Lo, Amon Tobin, Solesides, Lupe Fiasco, Keith Murray, Paul Nice, Aceyalone, Autechre, Ty, De La Soul, Kraftwerk, Diplo, Moodyman, Spank Rock, Dizzee Rascal and many others!